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New Insights into Rhizophagy

Cannabis research, studies & results
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New Insights into Rhizophagy

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New Insights into Rhizophagy: Plant Roots EAT Microbes ALIVE + the WHY & HOW of Who Lives & Who Dies
Episode 145 James White on Bacteria in Plant Roots - A Regenerative Future with Matt Powers

Last time we spoke with Dr. James F. White of Rutgers University, we learned about how some microbes are consumed while some persist and even are promoted inside the roots of plants, but which ones, why, and how was not known at that time... Since then, there have been new discoveries. Join us for a deep dive into the WHY & HOW of Rhizophagy - we open with a few particularly interesting conversations before the presentation - you can skip to 23:15 to start the presentation itself if you'd like to skip the preamble though the end of the preamble is the best part in some ways for some folks.
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