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keeping it clean!

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keeping it clean!

Post by duke »

keeping it clean
hi all i wrote this a while ago after visiting a newer growers groom to investigate continued mould problems,found dead leaves a couple inches deep on his floor and big clouds of fungus twats,err ! no wonder theres mould you spanner!this fella decided me that some folk just cant be helped,i gave up :bang head:

hi i just thought i would add some bits i forgot to mention that might help,once you have your gr up and running it will help your grow a lot to keep your growing area as clean as possible,any foreign matter like dead leaves,compost,dead plant trimmings etc should be removed asap and disposed of pref by burning,any rubbish can and will be a breeding ground for fungus,moulds and encourages insects that in turn damage your plants,if your as anal as i am i take the plants and bits out of the space and scrub down with isopropyl and a cloth,i keep a dustpan and brush handy at all times,dont keep open bags of compost in your space as it can bring fungus gnats,the same with using rain water,this is great for plants but can bring unwelcome guests!if you want to avoid this put a stocking or similar over the end of the drain pipe to catch the bits/bugs.also if your reusing pots it never hurts to give them a good wash.if at anytime you put plants outdoor for any reason,before returning them to indoor its worth checking for bugs and slugs etc in the canopy and check drainage holes in pots as earwigs and slugs love to sneak in your lovely warm growroom and gorge on your hard work!

patience is a virtue,no truer words were ever spoken when it comes to growing,as a new grower and probably desparate for a decent smoke,hence the need to grow your own!you will be faced with great temptation to harvest early,we probably all do it the first time,but if you ignore what the seedbank claim as the flowering time straight away,they are allways exagerated,if it says say 8 week flowering,this is no guarantee that 8 weeks will be right for maximum yeild,in my experience its very rare even when we get the grow well tuned to manage good,mature buds.ime most of the best crops i have managed in 25 odd years went at least 2-3 weeks longer than the seedbank info.

as to exactly when is best to harvest is a very hard question,ime my last 2 weeks flowering in 10 week afghan was when at least 25% of the bud growth occurs,so if i had harvested going purely by how long we are told to flower i would have 25% less crop than leaving just 2 weeks longer,its worth investing in a jewelers loupe or high power magnifyer and watching the colour of your trichomes,i wont go into that as theres plenty about that elsewere.good luck and good growing to all.peace :barmy:
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Re: keeping it clean!

Post by Bulls »

Good bit of advice Duke.Thank you. It's really simple. Keep it clean, keep it tidy. Grow some beautiful tasty flowers. In regards of the flowering time I always say to newbies - Count your flowering weeks from the time your plant starts to form flowers.
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